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Madrid bombers planned attackson British school, Jewish hotel

1 July 2004

MADRID — The Islamic terrorist cell responsible for the Madrid massacre planned future strikes on a British kindergarten and a Jewish hostel, it was reported Thursday.

The list of potential targets was found in the apartment in the capital suburb of Leganes where seven of those involved in the March attack blew themselves up April 3 as police closed in.

The classified documents became public after MPs investigating the attacks requested them from police.

The police documents list three potential new targets in and around Madrid.

They included the Jewish recreation ground Masada, the Synagogue Hotel and the well-known British primary school Brains in an upmarket Madrid suburb where the family of the footballer David Beckham rented a house.

This detailed information as to possible future attacks though was kept under wraps.

At the time, Spaniards were told of the explosives and detonators found in the wreckage of the suburban flat.

The classified information became public after the parliamentary committee examining the events leading up to and immediately following the bombings requested a number of police and government documents relating to the attacks.

Ten bombs exploded on four trains in and near Madrid’s Atocha station on 11 March, killing 192 people and injuring 1,430.

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