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Madrid bomb suspect arrested for fake passports

2 July 2004

MADRID — A man appeared before a judge Friday after being arrested as part of the investigations into the Madrid bombings, legal sources said.

Nasreddine Bousba, 39, from Algeria, was arrested late Thursday and is suspected of being involved in producing fake passports found in a Madrid apartment.

He was said to have had telephone contact with the terrorists who carried out the attacks in the days after 11 March attacks.

Seven people, thought to be leaders of the March attacks, died  on 3 April when they blew the apartment up as police closed in on them.

A total of 192 people were killed and 1,430 wounded in four coordinated attacks on packed commuter trains arriving at Madrid stations on March 11.

At least 14 people have so far been arrested and remanded in custody in connection with the attacks.
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