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Local police chief held over sale of stolen cars

10 January 2008

CADIZ – As police chief of Conil de la Frontera in the southern province of Cádiz, Francisco Luis González Fernández was known for making arrests. But yesterday he became known for one in particular: his own.

Civil Guard officers took González into custody on evidence that he had been running a lucrative second-hand car business in which the principal merchandise was recovered stolen vehicles. Instead of returning the cars to their rightful owners, the police chief would forge the paperwork and sell them on the black market.

Conil town hall has denied any knowledge of the 46-year-old police chief’s criminal activities. "We are surprised by this regrettable case," Pepa Amado, a town hall spokeswoman, said. She said González was on sick leave at the time of his arrest. "We had no idea he was under investigation."

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