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Lawyer appeals against dropping of charges

18 August 2004

MADRID – Defence lawyers for a Briton accused of murdering a young woman in Andalucia have appealed against a court decision to drop charges against two others suspected of being involved in the crime.

Tony Alexander King is now the only person facing charges over the death of Rocío Wanninkhof who was found dead near her hometown of Mijas in Malaga province.

The appeal has been made on the grounds that evidence gathered against Dolores Vázquez and Robert Graham had yet to be “ruled out”, court officials told EFE. Vázquez, a friend of the dead girl’s family, was previously accused of the murder.

The judge in charge of the hearings, María Jesús Del Río, recently turned down a claim from King’s lead lawyer, Javier Saavedra, that his client should be released on bail.

Saavedra claimed that King is not the murderer and had only been involved in helping to “cover up” the crime.

The judge also decided to drop further investigations against Vázquez and Graham, another Briton, because there was not enough evidence to continue with proceedings against them she said.

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