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Judges condemn domestic violence law

Published on 24/06/2004

24 June 2004

MADRID – The General Council of the Judiciary approved a highly critical report Thursday about the government’s draft bill on domestic violence.

The authoritative legal body, made up of judges, said the new bill was unconstitutional and discriminated in favour of women.

The Council has said it should also consider other victims of domestic violence, like men, children and old people.

The Council can advise the government on proposed legislation, but the government is not obliged to change bills as a result of their reports.

Last week, the Council voted against the bill for the same reasons.

Enrique López, Council spokesman, said: “This law is not at fault for what it includes but for what it leaves out.”

The government is due to consider the draft bill Friday and may take into consideration the report of the Council.

The Council approved its report Thursday by just one vote.

But one of the council members who supported the bill said that the Council report discriminated against the bill “globally and in pejorative terms”.

The Council’s report also provoked a demonstration by women’s groups in Madrid.

Cristina del Valle, of the Association of Women Artists against Violence, believed that Council was limited by its “sexist” interpretation of the law.

The claimed that it ignored the murders of 500 women in the past four years.

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