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Investigation into ‘satanic ring’

29 January 2004

VALLADOLID – An investigation has been launched into a suspected satanic ring in western Spain after a series of attacks on graves, officials said Thursday.

The incidents have happened in the past few weeks at the Cemetery of Carmen in the city of Valladolid in western Spain and in other graveyards in nearby villages.

Francisco Javier Leon de la Riva, mayor of Valladolid, condemned what he considered were “execrable and lamentable acts”.

Riva said this was “conduct which is more suited to treatment from the psychiatrist than the police, more like pure vandalism and that is difficult to control”.

Riva confirmed that the police had been investigating the possibility that “we could have a satanic sect”.

He added that tombs had appeared to have been violated in various villages in the past few years.

The police, working with the Forensic Institute, are investigating the causes of these macabre attacks in which skulls and various bones have been spread around the cemeteries.

It seems that these might have been taken from recesses in the graveyard.

Isaías García Monge, spokesman for the regional government of Castilla and Leon, explained Thursday that the police are examining various theories about the way these attacks on the graves started.

He said they have not discounted the possibility that a sect is behind these attacks.

In any case, Monge explained, they are also considering if there is any relation between these attacks in Valladolid and other attacks in a cemetery in a nearby village Villaobispo, in north-west Spain.

Monge added that these attacks were crimes.

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