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Home News Interpol launches manhunt for paedophilia suspect

Interpol launches manhunt for paedophilia suspect

Published on 06/05/2008

6 May 2008

LYON – Interpol on Tuesday launched a global appeal to identify a Western man suspected of sexually abusing several Asian boys and distributing hundreds of photos of the acts on the Internet.
It is the second time in seven months that the Lyon-based agency took such a step following an unprecedented public appeal to identify another paedophile, Christopher Paul Neil, a 32-year-old Canadian, who was arrested in Thailand in October.
Interpol on Tuesday posted six images on its website of the man who is thought to have abused three boys aged between six and 10, all of whom appear to be Asian.    
"It’s a white, older man. He must be between 50 and 70. We have no idea of where he is or his country of origin although he seems to come from a Western country; North America, Europe or Australia," Interpol official Yves Rolland told AFP.
The affair came to light in March 2006 after the discovery of hundreds of paedophile images in the computer of a Norwegian man. The three boys featured in some 800 shots, of which 100 showed the man Interpol is seeking to identify.
Rolland said the photos were "typical of paedophiles frequenting sexual tourism hotspots in South Asia, especially Thailand and Cambodia".

Click here for pictures of the man
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