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Husband, 86, kills wife then hangs himself

12 January 2005

HUESCA-A couple in their eighties have been found dead in their home in the latest case of domestic violence.

The man, aged 86, was discovered hanged in the garage.

His 84-year-old wife has been strangled and her body was found in their bedroom.

Police believe the man killed his wife then hanged himself.

The couple’s bodies were found at about 7.45am by their son who called the police.

The tragedy happened in Tamarite de Litera a small town near Huesca, in Aragon in eastern Spain.

The husband had no known history of domestic violence or psychiatric problems.

Francisco Mateo, the town’s mayor, said the couple were part of well-known family in the area.

He described them as a “very quiet couple” who had been married for more than 50 years.

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