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Hunt on after sightings of ‘lion-like’ big cat

3 June 2005

HUESCA — Armed Guardia Civil officers were hunting a ‘lion-type’ large cat after sightings near a town in north-west Spain.

Three people in Banastas, near Huesca, reported seeing the animal near a pond.

Angel Garcia, the mayor of the town of just 215 inhabitants, said the witnesses had seen the big cat at various times over the past two weeks.

The speed and size of the animal could make it a risk to human beings, he said.

The Guardia Civil started the search on Thursday afternoon even though there is no possibility it could have escaped from any zoo or animal centre nearby.

A council spokesman said residents said the ‘lion-type’ creature had a mane.

They added that the creature had been lured to the pond because it must have been thirsty and may have smelt the dogs at a nearby kennel. 

Gracia said they had to take these things seriously as this type of animal can cover up to 30 kilometres in one night and residents in other areas could be at risk.

The Guardia Civil officers had ammunition with which to stun the animal – not kill it – if they came across it.

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