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Hunt for pilot after military jet crashes

4 May 2004

ALBACETE – The remains of a Mirage F-1 fighter jet which crashed Tuesday were found ten kilometres away from where it came down.

The jet was based at the Los Llanos military air base near Albacete, in south-east Spain.

Parts of the plane were found in Alcaraz, near a small town called Arteaga de Arriba.

Sources from the military base said the fate of the pilot was still not known.

The pilot, who is a captain, was returning to the base to refuel after a mission when the accident happened.

Sources said the military were not discounting the possibility that the captain could have escaped in the ejector-seat as the plane was crashing.

A major search was underway to try to find the captain.

The crash happened at about 11am Tuesday.

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