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Hunt for 11 March terrorists widens

6 April 2004

MADRID – The lawyer leading the hunt for the terrorists behind the Madrid bombings has asked the judge presiding over the case to issue more international arrest warrants for other suspects, legal sources disclosed Tuesday.

These sources told EFE that the prosecuting lawyer, Olga Sánchez, had asked Judge Juan del Olmo to issue more warrants.

But the names of the suspects and the number of warrants she has asked for was not disclosed Tuesday.

The judge issued warrants last week for the arrest of six terrorists and released photographs of the suspects.

He asked the public to help authorities find the terrorists.

However, at least three of those who were wanted under warrant blew themselves up when anti-terrorist police surrounded the flat where they were staying in Leganes, a suburb of Madrid, Saturday night.

Sources also said that the judge would probably not issue any more warrants until he had time to consider the cases.

They said this was most likely to be next week.

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