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Hundreds of cruise passengers lose holidays

Published on 20/01/2004

20 January 2004

BARCELONA – Hundreds of angry cruise passengers were sent home Tuesday after their holiday company owed millions to the owners of the boat.

The cruise liner European Stars was stopped in Barcelona after the company which rented the boat, Maritime European, owed EUR 5.1 million to the owners.

At least 750 passengers were stuck in the port of Barcelona since Sunday until the row over the cash was sorted out.

The angry passengers, from various countries across Europe, had to be flown home Tuesday from Barcelona airport.

They had paid to go on a ten-day cruise around the Mediterranean stopping at Malaga and the Canary Islands.

Some had disembarked in Italy at Genova when they became aware that there had been problems with the cruise.

The company which had organised the trip, Festival Cruises, was not implicated in the monetary problems.

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