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Hundreds evacuated to escape forest fire

27 September 2004

BARCELONA – Four hundred people were returning to their homes Monday after being evacuated when a forest fire threatened a village.
Forty were trapped in a church while attending Sunday mass, as firefighters battled a forest fire Sunday near the eastern Spanish city of Girona, local government officials said.

Firefighters had still to bring the fire under control Sunday evening after helping to safety people worshipping at the Santa Caterina chapel near the village of Montgri.

“They are not in any danger,” said regional government delegate Pia Bosch.

Residents of several villages around the small town of Bellcaire were also evacuated as a precaution, their homes near to the mountainside at Sobrestany, where the blaze broke out.

Between 27 July and 3 August, the worst forest fire to hit Spain in 13 years scorched 28,000 hectares in the southern region of Andalusia and killed two people.

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