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Huge work bought to mark Dali’s centenary

Published on 12/01/2004

12 January 2004

GIRONA –  A huge abstract  painting by Salvador Dali was bought from a mystery Japanese collector, it was announced Monday.

The painting, which is an abstract depicting Russian Communist leader Lenin disguised as if he were Chinese, measures two metres by 229cm.

The Foudation Gala-Salvador Dali, in Figueras, near Girona in north-east Spain, said the painting was completed in 1963 and had been bought by a collector from Japan.

It was the first of Dali’s works to be bought this year – which will see the celebration of the centenary of the surrealist painter’s birth.

The Foundation refused to disclose the identity of the collector or the figure which had been paid for the work.

Meanwhile, the Brau Edicions publishing house in Figueres has reprinted a collection of six issues of a student magazine to which Dali contributed.

The Studium magazine was originally published in 1919 by a group of students at the Ramon Muntaner secondary school in Figueres.

A monthly magazine published between January and June, 1919, when Dalí was in his last year of secondary school, Studium is one of the earliest showcases of the teenage Dalí’s drawing and literary talents.

Four other students participated in the original format who later excelled in other fields; Jaume Miravitlles became a promising politician, Joan Xirau a pharmacist and teacher, Ramon Reig a watercolourist and Joan Turró a doctor.

The first issue of Studium was published one month after Dalí’s first painting exhibition in Figueres.

The collection of six reprints is titled “Studium. La revista del joven Dalí”, and includes three introductory articles by Jaume Guillament, Joan Ferrerós and Rafel Pascuet, detailing the social context in the early 20th century.

According to Joan Ferrerós, current head of studies at the Ramon Muntaner secondary school, this updated edition is in commemoration of Dalí’s centenary.

Visitor figures for celebrations of the cententary Salvador Dali’s birth were far higher than expected, officials said Monday.

Group bookings to attend the  Foundation Gala-Dali  stood at 1,200.

But many more people are expected to attend in the summer when the museum will be open until 1am each day.

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