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Huge variations in dentist prices, survey finds

28 January 2004

MADRID – A study by a consumers’ federation published Wednesday has found huge differences in prices between dentists in various Spanish cities.

The variation in prices is by as much as 433 percent.

The study was carried out by the Federation of Consumers in Action (Facua Espana) and examined prices in 17 main cities throughout the country.

Dentists are most expensive in Barcelona, Las Palmas in the Canary Islands and Palma in Mallorca.

The cheapest are in Granada, Badajoz and Valencia.

The study looked at the prices for four different treatments in 167 clinics throughout Spain.

These are for fillings, cleanings, extractions and orthodontistry.

The survey made a list of the cities with the cheapest first:Granada, Badajoz, Valencia, Murcia, Cádiz, Sevilla, Toledo, Almería, Santander Valladolid, Zaragoza, Vitoria, Madrid, Coruña, Las Palmas, Palma in Mallorca and Barcelona.

The group asked the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affaire and regional governments if they could begin campaigns of inspection to check if professionals are doing the jobs they claim to occupy – or these posts being occupied by helpers or carers.

They also called for more checks on the lack of instruments, licences and necessary security.

They pointed to the vast disparity in prices, citing the cheapest filling (EUR 30) teeth cleaning (EUR 24) orthodontistry (EUR 72) or for an extraction (EUR 15).

In contrast, the most expensive prices for the same work were: EUR 105, EUR 80, EUR 270 and EUR 80.

The group recommends people to compare prices in the same city where people could make a saving of up to 289 percent if they are going to have extraction, 233 percent if they need orthodontistry or 220 percent if they are having their teeth cleaned or even 150 percent if they want to have a filling.

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