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Honest taxi driver hands in lost EUR 8,000

18 December 2003

MERIDA – A taxi driver returned a wallet containing EUR 8,000 which he found in the road, authorities said Thursday.

The owners had left it on the roof of a car in Merida, in the region of Badajoz, in western Spain.

They drove off without realising they had left it there.

The police said the incident started at 7am when the husband left his wallet which contained various banking and house documents – and EUR8,000 in cash.

Later the distraught couple went to report the loss at the police station , telling officers they were convinced they must have left the wallet on the roof of the car.

They believed that it must have fallen off when the car drove off.

The husband said he had not realised that the wallet was missing until he arrived in the nearby town of Olivenza.

After going back to the place where he lost the wallet and not finding it, the husband formally reported his money and documents missing.

However, police said that an hour-and-a-half later, the husband and wife spoke to a taxi driver who said he had found the wallet with the cash and documents and handed them back to the relieved couple.

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