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Heavy snow causes chaos on roads

Published on 20/02/2004

20 February 2004

MADRID – Heavy snow across many parts of Spain Friday forced authorities to close 23 mountain passes and caused chaos on the roads.

Gale-force winds across the south and in the Canary Islands made driving dangerous.

Authorities said driving conditions were affected on at least 60 roads throughout the country by snow, heavy rain and strong winds

Mountain passes were closed in Palombera, La Sia, Lunada, San Gloria and Estacas de Trueba  in Cantabria, in the north.

Drivers had to use chains on their wheels to travel through 40 different roads.

Some of those affected were San Isidro, Tarna, Somiedo and Ventana in Asturias, in the north-west.

They also faced the same problems in El Escudo, in Cantabria, in the north.

Heavy snowfalls in Barcelona, La Rioja and Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, caused major problems on many roads.

Flooding also stopped drivers using some main roads in Tenerife.

In the Basque Country, roads were closed in Altube, Orduna, Krutzeta, Urkiola and Sollube after heavy snowfalls.

The Civil Protection Office gave out a bad weather warning recommending that drivers should wear warm clothing, take chains to put on the wheels and bring mobile phones with chargers in case they got into trouble in remote areas.

The warning also said drivers should only travel during the day-time on major roads.

If they get trapped in a jam caused by the weather, drivers should keep the car engine on with the heating running.

But they were also advised to leave windows slightly open so fresh air could circulate.

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