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Guantanamo prisoner returned to Spain

Published on 11/02/2004

11 February 2004

MADRID – The only Spanish Al Qaeda suspect held at the US Guantánamo Bay camp in Cuba was expected to be brought back to Madrid Wednesday, said the Foreign Secretary.

Hamed Abderrahaman Ahmed was being flown from the US base in Cuba to Spain where he is to be held, said Foreign Secretary Ana Palacio.

Ahmed is expected to be tried in Spain at some point.

Palacio said the US government had authorised the handover of the prisoner to the Spanish authorities.

According to diplomatic sources, a Spanish military aircraft was to be sent to Guantánamo Bay base to bring him back to Spain.

Palacio told journalists at a press conference Wednesday the transfer of the prisoner was largely thanks to the help of the US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

The deal is thought to be the result of closer links between Spain and the US after the Iraq war.

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