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Gay marriage ‘legal by 2005’

Published on 30/06/2004

30 June 2004

MADRID — Gays and lesbian couples could win the right to marry by the beginning of next year, the Justice Minister said Wednesday.

Juan Fernando López Aguilar said that if the law is changed on time, gay weddings could take place in Spain by the start of 2005.

Adoptions by gay couples could also be legalised at the same time, said the minister.

Aguilar made the remarks after a meeting with the Spanish Federation of Gays and Lesbians Wednesday.

Justice ministry sources said the Law of Adoption would not need changing because the law does not mention any particular type of wedding.

The Spanish parliament approved Tuesday the plan by the Socialists to change the law to make gay weddings possible.

The measure was initially rejected by the opposition Popular Party – the only political group to oppose the measure.

The Socialists claim that there are laws which favour unmarried heterosexual couples, but gay couples are still discriminated against.

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