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Gay adoption row takes new turn

 18 February 2004

PAMPLONA – The row over the gay adoption case took a new turn Wednesday when a report said the law was not “unconstitutional”.

Two lesbians, aged 38 and 42, from Pamplona, were given legal rights to adopt two  girls, who are their biological children.

It was the first time such a ruling was made in Spain.

The conservative ruling Popular Party has appealed against the decision claiming it is  “unconstitutional”.

But a legal report drawn up by the Navarra regional parliament, in the Basque Country, which originally made the law, said the law was sound.

The report was quoted Wednesday  at a press conference by socialist PSN secretary-general Juan José Lizarbe, from the Navarra parliament.

Lizarbe pointed out that the appeal was lodged by 86 PP deputies, including the three UPN members.

He said  the law does not infringe upon any state competencies – and so could not be unconstitutional.

Lizarbe claimed the law does not suggest any new or different form of marriage; it only puts family protection measures contemplated by constitutionally based marriages on equal terms with registered couples.

He also wondered why PP spokesman Eduardo Zaplana did not appeal the law earlier, when it is his duty to appeal autonomous community laws that infringe upon state powers.

He added that the law is based on the EU recommendations concerning how to legislate this issue.

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