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Freight industry harms environment – survey

Published on 13/02/2004

13 February 2004

MADRID – Only a quarter of Spaniards feel the road freight industry is environmentally friendly, according to a poll on Friday.

However, more than half – 59 percent – of those polled rate the industry’s importance for the Spanish economy “highly”.

The figures indicated that Spaniards have a more positive opinion than Germans, French or British of the industry.

Traditionally in Spain, it has been more competitive than the rail industry in shipping goods around the country.

Most Spanish truck companies also admitted they think the industry has no respect for the environment, said the poll.

According to a Ministry of Development poll, only 38 percent of users of road-based goods carriers feel the sector is respectful of the environment.

But a large majority – 77 percent – evaluate the image of the service as good or very good.

The four most highly valued aspects are speed (77 percent), cost-effectiveness (72 percent), competitive price (71 percent) and professionalism (70 percent), followed by competitiveness, safety, fleet renewal, employee care and new technologies.

The only aspect most users feel is insufficient is the respect for the environment.

On the other hand, citizens’ awareness of the transport sector’s image shows that 20 percent of those polled gave no answer, and 55 percent evaluate it as good or very good.

The reason given is that the general population lacks the prior experience necessary to form an opinion on the subject, although their knowledge of the sector includes messenger services, delivery and container transport.

The findings also show that both users and citizens feel that road transport has improved in the last decade and will likely continue to improve in the next decade.

The Ministry of Development has presented their study to the National Road Transport Committee, carriers’ associations, logistics operators, and van and lorry manufacturers with a view to developing a strategic plan to promote the sector’s image and quality.

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