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Four women take top police post for first time

Published on 20/12/2005

20 December 2005

MADRID — Four women were made police commissioners for the first time.

It is not the first time a woman has attained this rank – another woman was promoted to commissioner in 1997

But it is the first time four women were promoted to commissioner at the same, representing a step forward for sexual equality, the Spanish interior minister said.

María Concepción Vega, Ana María Arias, María Marcos and Antonia Mena were promoted to their new ranks at a ceremony with interior minister José Antonio Alonso in Madrid.

Women make up only 7.5 percent of the police force, though this figure is increasing.

Before Tuesday’s ceremony, all but one of the 338 police commissioners were men.

There are currently 2,544 policewomen and 35,598 policemen in Spain.

Alonso said all the four women who were promoted had come a long way to gain their present rank.

They had all occupied different ranks in various units and had passed training courses to become commissioners.

Vega, who joined the police in 1982, had received 19 different commendations for her work including a medal from the United Nations.

Arias, who started her career when she was 23, has received 15 commendations and one police medal.

Marcos, who joined the police force in 1984, has received 28 commendations and her husband has also been made a police commissioner.

Mena has also worked for Europol in Holland and the Spanish embassy at The Hague.

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