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Four girls left home alone hurt in blaze

18 January 2005

HUELVA — Four girls who were left alone in a third-floor flat were seriously injured in a fire.

The girls, aged between 13 and two years, are all Colombian. Three are sisters.

Three of the girls were said to be in a “grave condition” in hospital suffering from serious burns.

The blaze started in the early hours of the morning at a flat in the south-western city of Huelva.

Sources from the fire service said fire had started at about 1am in one of the bedrooms occupied by one of the girls.

A nine-year-old girl suffered 70 percent burns and was take to the Hospital Juan Ramón Jiménez.

She was in a critical condition.

A two-year-old girl, who was rescued by the firefighters, was taken to hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation.

A 12-year-old girl had 80 percent burns on her body and had jumped from a window.

Her fall was cushioned by mats put out by neighbours to break the fall.

A 12-year-old was found inside the house. It appears she could not escape.

The mother of the three sisters arrived at the house minutes after the fire started.

It was still not know why the girls had been left alone.

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