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Home News Forest fires to cost hundreds of millions

Forest fires to cost hundreds of millions

Published on 24/08/2006

24 August 2006

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA — Authorities said on Thursday they will have to pay hundreds of millions of euros in compensation for the damage done by scores of forest fires in Galicia.

The money will be paid from central and regional government funds.

At least 77,000 sq hectares of land was scorched between 4-15 August in more than 100 fires, right across Galicia.

Emilio Pérez Touriño, president of the regional government, agreed to pay an initial sum of EUR 13 million.

The cash will go to those who lost property or were injured as well as meeting the cost of the damaged civic infrastructure.

The Spanish cabinet will meet on Friday to discuss the matter. 

The payments agreed by the Galician regional government will take the form of additional compensation pay-outs which will add to those which are not covered by insurance payments.

They will cover damage to homes, domestic supplies, private equipment, agricultural losses and tourist or industrial property lost in the blazes.

Other payments will be made to meet the cost of property or infrastructure lost by councils, the death of livestock, the restoration of cultivated land which went up in smoke.

Claims can be made from 1 September.

Pérez Touriño said: “We will not leave anyone out.”

Personal injury payments will be EUR 18,00 for death or permanent disablement and between EUR 60-103 per day for hospitalisation.

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