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Foreigners’ laws ‘excessive’

Published on 22/04/2004

22 April 2004 SALAMANCA - The head of Spain's Foreigners' Comission said Thursday border controls could be improved.

García Santalla, who was attending a conference in Salamanca in western Spain on the treatment of foreigners, said: “In this way of we have to extend the frontier controls with technical measures in order to improve controls before people arrive there.”
He said penal controls on foreigners were the same for all Spaniards.

The only difference is Spaniards who break immigration laws face six years in jail while foreigners are simply expelled.
García Santalla said those immigrants who cannot find work in Spain can finish-up breaking the law.

He added that the law changes which were introduced in recent years should be modified.
He said that there were three laws governing foreigners and it was “an excess”.
Santalla said to modify these laws would not present a problem.

He said the government’s decision to make one person the head of the police and the Guardia Civil would improve coordination in this area.

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