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Flamenco star admits killing pedestrian

Published on 29/03/2004

29 March 2004

SEVILLE – One of Spain’s leading flamenco stars has admitted killing a pedestrian in a fatal hit-and-run accident, judicial sources said Monday.

Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya, called  “Farruquito”, ran over the pedestrain on a zebra crossing while he was driving a BMW at high speed and without a licence.

He was arrested Saturday in connection with the death.

The accident happened on 30 September last year, when Montoya ran over 35-year-old Benjamin Olalla near the dancer’s home in the San Pablo area of Seville.

Olalla was taken to hospital but died hours later.

Initially, Montoya’s younger brother had been accused of the crime and was arrested. But he was later released.

According to legal sources,  Montoya admitted causing the accident when he appeared in front of judge Sunday.

He was granted bail but had to pay a surety of EUR 40,000.

The judge also granted bail to two other men who were arrested in connection with the tragedy.

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