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‘Fitipaldis’ shamed in bid to cut speeding

Published on 10/02/2004

10 February 2004

BARCELONA – Authorities announced Tuesday they are to expose two drivers dubbed “Fitipaldis” who were caught driving at more than 230km.

The maximum penalty for driving at this speed  is up to two years in prison.

But the Traffic Service of Catalonia has decided to expose the two drivers who were caught on speed cameras.

Speeding and drink-driving are the two biggest causes of fatalities on Spanish roads.

Spain still has the worst record in Europe for fatal road crashes despite campaigns to stop aggressive, fast driving.

But the authorities have decided to use this case in order to press home the message that speed kills.

Photographs of these two speeding drivers’ cars appeared in newspapers Monday.

Rafel Olmos, director of the Traffic Service of Catalonia, has asked the police to compile a report with as much detail as possible about the circumstances in which the drivers were caught and their speed.

The report will then be sent to the court with a view to action being taken against both drivers.

The two ‘Fitipaldis’ – a name taken from the famous Grand Prix driver – were aged 51 and 21.

They were pictured by radar cameras on the autopista C-33 at Llagosta, near Barcelona, driving at between 232 and 213kmph respectively.

Both drivers could face between six months and two years in jail and could lose their licences for up to six years. Once they have completed the ban, they will be obliged to take a new test.

But if they  were  simply fined, they would be asked to pay penalties of between EUR 302 and EUR 602 and have their licences suspended for up to six months.

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