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First robot librarian invented

2 April 2004

CASTELLON- A robot that can work as a librarian has been invented by a team of Spanish scientists, it was announced Friday.

The robot can recognise by the reader’s voice which book they want then find where the book has been stored.

It can pick the book out from the shelves and bring it to the reader.

The robot also has the ability to see and can compare the names of books on their spines and with the titles they are looking for.

It  can also adapt to the way the titles on books are designed in different libraries.

The robot intelligence team from the University Jaume I  of Castellón designed the machine.

This robot will use infrared sensors and lasers to avoid bumping into people or things when it moves, unlike other robots.

Its creators believe it could also be used in offices, businesses, homes and in industry.

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