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Fifth victims dies in Legionnaire outbreak

Published on 29/06/2004

29 June 2004

ZARAGOZA — A 78-year-old man became the fifth victim Tuesday to die from an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease in a hospital, authorities said.

The man caught the disease in the Hospital Clinico de Zaragoza.

Twenty people have been infected with the potentially fatal disease, five of whom have now died.

Thirteen have been hospitalised and three others are in intensive care.

Experts were also studying another 15 cases of Legionnaire’s disease which were detected earlier this month.

They are not discounting that there is a connection with the latest outbreak of the disease.

At the Hospital Clinico, the bacteria was detected in three refrigeration towers  after analysts carried out tests.

The positive identification of the disease only came a week after the tests on 7 June, at which point authorities started to disinfect the towers.

They also disinfected another 21 towers within a kilometre of the health centre.

At this point, they picked up traces of the disease in four other refrigeration towers near the hospital.

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