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Father kills baby daughter in lorry accident

11 May 2004

SEVILLE – A 13-month-old baby girl was killed when her father accidentally ran over her in his lorry, police said Tuesday.

The father was parking the vehicle in Villanueva de San Juan, near Seville, in Andalucia, southern Spain when the tragic accident happened.

The father, who has not been named, was moving the lorry into place while his daughter remained with her family on the pavement.

The girl somehow slipped under one of the wheels while the father was moving the vehicle.

The family called the emergency services immediately but they could not do anything to save her life.

The girl was killed instantly by the lorry.

Her body was taken to a hospital in Seville for a post-mortem.

Most members of the family were taken to the Hospital Comarcal de la Merced de Osuna to receive treatment from a psychologist.

The tragedy happened at 3.30pm Monday but details were published in the local paper Seville Tuesday.

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