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Family arrested over EUR 500,000 bank scam

16 February 2004
BARCELONA – Spanish police have arrested four members of a family accused of siphoning off EUR 500,000 from financial institutions around the region of Catalonia by using fake documents to obtain bank loans, it was reported Monday.

Led by the father, identified only by the initials R.C.R, a 55-year-old computer analyst, the family would download photographs of foreigners to attach to false identification documents with which the wife and two sons used to open 120 accounts in Catalonian banks.

The alleged mastermind’s wife, G.C.C., 51, and their sons, 25 and 29 years old, would then apply for loans from banks using fake employment pay slips and other documents they produced on their home computers.

Along with 150 counts of fraud, the four suspects also face 260 counts of falsification of documents and 150 counts involving the manipulation of public records.

Authorities said the family were arrested on 10 February and in a search of the house, police discovered 47 credit cards, 122 photocopies of Spanish DNI identification cards, receipts for 23 DNI cards, 22 false driving licences, 83 bank account contracts and two computers.
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