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Fall in Easter road deaths

13 April 2004

MADRID – A total of 102 people lost their lives in accidents on Spanish roads over the Easter week, authorities said Tuesday.

But the death toll was 22 percent less than the year before when 128 people were killed.

Eighty-three accidents left 102 people dead.

Easter is traditionally the busiest time of the year on Spanish roads when many families try to get away for a short break.

Authorities estimate that 17 million journeys are made.

The General Traffic Office counted accidents between 3pm on 2 April and midnight on Easter Monday.

Forty-four people suffered serious injuries and another 34 had minor injuries.  

Last year, 128 people died in 107 crashes and 75 people were seriously injured. Another 61 were left with minor injuries.

Spanish authorities said that in terms of the number of people who died per thousand of population, there was a “notable” fall.

This year, there were 3.93 per 1000, compared to 5.12 in 2003 – a fall of 22 percent.

The worst day for fatal crashes was Good Friday when 22 people were killed in 16 accidents.

Six young people were killed that day when their car was hit on a level-crossing near Salamanca. Two others in the car were also seriously injured.

The biggest number of fatal crashes happened in Castilla y Leon, Galicia and Andalusia.

But there were no fatalities in Navarra or La Rioja.
In the past 16 years, the highest death toll on the roads at Easter was 1990 when 192 people lost their lives.

A recent graphic television and radio campaign may have brought home the message to drivers to reduce speed and to drive more safely.

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