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Facelift pensioner in coma

Published on 10/03/2004

10 March 2004

MALAGA – The Ministry of Health began an investigation Wednesday into the case of a 70 year-old French patient who is in a coma after a facelift operation in a private Marbella clinic.

The case comes after a series of patients who have undergone surgery to reduce weight have died in Spain in recent months, provoking concern over safety standards in plastic surgery.

According to ‘La Opinión de Málaga’ newspaper, the patient was transferred to a private health institution in Málaga after the operation ten days ago, where he has remained in coma.

His family has begun efforts to bring the pensioner back to France.

Rafael Cuevas, chief inspector of the Health Delegation in Málaga, said that no official report has yet been filed into the case of the pensioner.

Cuevas said the complications most likely arose due to the patient’s age rather than as a result of medical negligence, since clinics specialising in cosmetic surgery are currently being strictly controlled.

Since 2002, Spanish law has stated that all cosmetic surgery clinics must have a resident plastic surgeon.

Before that, operations were carried out by minor specialists.

Cuevas also pointed out that 20 cosmetic surgery blunders were reported in the province of Málaga in 2002.

The number fell to only 3 in 2003, as a result of  increased inspections of several health facilities by the authorities.

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