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Explosives linked to Madrid massacre found

Published on 03/06/2004

3 June 2004

MADRID – A huge store of explosives of the same type used in the 11 March terrorist massacre has been discovered in mountains in western Spain, police said Thursday.

Some 35kg of Goma 2 Eco and 12.5 kg of ammonia, which can be used to make bombs, were found in Alto de Moneda area of Ourense.

The explosives were found Wednesday but police released details only on Thursday.

The material was found in three plastic bags, hidden in the mountains of Serra do Eixo, near the town of A Veiga, where there are many slate quarries.

It is thought the explosives could have been stolen from the quarries.

But police have not directly linked these explosives with the terror group which set off the bombs in Madrid, killing 192 people and injuring more than 1,500.

Some of the Goma 2 Eco material used in the attacks was stolen from mines in Asturias by a former miner and sold to the Islamic extremists.

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