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Expatica user appeals to fellow users to help China

A destructive earthquake in the magnitude of 7.8 struck SiChuan , the
hometown of Pandas, on 05/12/2008.  28881 people are confirmed dead, 198347 were reported injured and more than 50000 people became homeless. 
By watching these videos and photos listed here, we’ll be moved and learn to appreciate and cherish the love and lives around us more profoundly.  Disaster can happen any time and anywhere.  Let’s appreciate and cherish our family, friends and even people around us now; they are actually part of our lives!
From the video and picture of Sichuan earthquake
http://www.geocities.com/hi_classi/512Earthquake_SiChuan.htm, I have
seen kids, adults were buried under the rubbles of the collapsed buildings for
more than 48 hours, yet, with the strong belief in their minds, some of them
were rescued and still survive.  Their strong beliefs are: some one will come
and help, rescue them.  But all these rescue effort will become so limited
without the support from every one of us, disregarding our distance, age and
racial.  We need your support financially, materially and spiritually. We know
that we can bring the quake victims a strong support when each of our support
merges together.  There are still a lot of people still remain buried under the
earth and are waiting for help in Sichuan .  A lot of survival kids lost their
parents, and tens of thousands of survivors lost their homes and are waiting
for medical supplies, food, water and shelters.  Time is very critical now for
the rescue, don’t wait, please donate now for the suffering victims in
SiChuan , the hometown of Pandas.  We need more miracles there!  Your great
support will definitely make the miracles happen.  
Please share your love and compassion with me by donating to any of the
following organizations:
1. Red Cross Society of China
 From their website it appears that you can’t
donate online, but you can send a check or wire transfer to:
Account Name: Red Cross Society of China
Bank Name: China CITIC Bank, Beijing , Jiuxianqiao Sub-Branch
Address: C&W Tower. No.14, Jiuxianqiao Street, Chaoyang District,Beijing ,
China 100016
TEL: 86-10-64319780
Account NO.: 7112111482600000209
Swift Code:CIBKCNBJ100
Note: they request your address and phone number too.
2. World Vision
You can donate online at http://www.worldvision.org/

3. Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Checks, cash or wire transfers are accepted at Cathay Bank and will be deposited into a special account #01-130-005.  For Cathay Bank locations and contact info, go to http://www.cathaybank.com and click on locations at the top.  For
donation info at the Tzu Chi Foundation site, go to
To watch the videos and photos on SiChuan 5.12 Earthquake, please go to: