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EUR 96m to save Balearic beaches

5 May 2004

MADRID – A major ecological project to save beaches in the Balearic Islands was announced Wednesday.

In a joint effort, both the Balearic Island and central governments will invest EUR 96 million on the islands’ coastline from 2004 to 2007.

Menorca is a popular place for British people who want to find a new home in Spain, while Majorca has traditionally attracted Germans and Americans.

Hollywood star Michael Douglas has a home on Majorca and helps to publicise the island. 

Jaume Font, Balearic Island environment councillor, said EUR 12 million will be spent by by the autonomous and central governments every year until 2007 on 29 projects across the Balearic Islands.

The projects include erosion control, coastal infrastructures, coastline studies and making beaches accessible to the disabled.

Other projects include beach regeneration.

The Balearic Islands’ autonomous government is currently studying the situation of Cala Millor (Son Severa) and Cala Sant Vicenç (Pollensa) in collaboration with the Institute of Mediterranean Studies.

A profile will be created of all the remaining beaches in the Balearic Islands to work out  future schemes.

Font added that this agreement is a step forward in “self-government”, because the autonomous community now has decision-making capacity on how to use resources that directly affect its territory.

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