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EUR 140m to pay for cost of Madrid attacks

Published on 08/04/2004

8 April 2004

MADRID – Relatives of each of the 191 people killed in the 11 March terrorist attacks are to receive at least EUR 209,213 compensation, the Spanish government said Thursday.

The government is to use at least EUR 40 million from its contingency fund to pay compensation to the victims of the Madrid massacre.

But it has released a total of EUR 140m to pay for the costs of the bombings, it emerged Thursday.

The European Central Bank said it does not believe there will be long-term economic damage to Spain.

But the total bill for the damage has not been estimated.

Replacing the destroyed trains is expected to be the biggest material cost.

Repairing the tracks and train stations will be covered by terror attacks insurance.

But authorities said it was sometimes difficult to quantify this cost.

The government will pay EUR 138,232 of death compensation while RENFE, Spain’s national rail operator which has a duty to compensate victims, will contribute EUR 50,485.

The Madrid regional government is also to pay EUR 21,869 towards compensation.

Under a law guaranteeing citizens compensation as victims of terrorism, those who are profoundly disabled could receive EUR 390,657, while those with permanent disablement stand to receive the lesser sum of EUR 96,161.

Victims also stand to receive EUR 48,080 for lesser disablements or EUR 36,060 for non-permanent disablement.

Other costs include repatriating the bodies of foreigners who died in the bomb attacks and paying for flights for relatives to come to Spain.

Iberia Airlines, however, gave free flights to 43 families at a cost of about EUR 125,000.

The national government has to contribute towards health costs – such as providing psychiatrists to counsel victims – as the regional Madrid government allowed only EUR 2.9 million this year for mental health.

Overtime payments for firefighters, police, medical staff and other workers immediately after the attacks could be another cost.

However, none of these workers has so far claimed for these hours.

Lost work days due to injuries are another cost to the Spanish economy. Though employers have to pay for the first 15 days sick pay, after that they are not obliged to pay workers.

Pension and widow allowances which have been claimed in the weeks after the terrorist attacks are another unknown cost to the state.

Another cost which has not been quantified is the cost to Madrid hotels which were used as temporary homes. Most were given free.

Apart from the 11 March costs, when seven terrorists blew themselves up in Leganés, near Madrid, last Saturday, killing a police officer, it has also incurred other costs on the state.

Pensions for the widow and children of the officer who died will also have to be paid,

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