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ETA terrorists arrested with weapons arsenal

Published on 10/02/2004

10 February 2004

MADRID – Two suspected ETA terrorists who were transporting explosives and guns in a pick-up truck were arrested in south-west France, Spanish authorities  said Tuesday.

The two suspects, who were part of the logistical support for the terrorist group, were arrested as they tried to evade being stopped at a Customs checkpoint.

They had travelled in a stolen van with 32 kg of explosives and a cache of guns, according to sources.

The French police were attempting to confirm the identities of those two suspects arrested.

Each was armed with an automatic pistol when they were arrested near Cognac. As they were detained, they shouted ‘ETA’.  

But the two men, who had false documents, did not offer any resistance when they were arrested by a Customs partol after a chase.

In the van, the suspects had “a small arsenal”, according to security sources.

This included about 30kg of explosives, a rocket launcher,an Uzi submachine gun as well as components to make explosives like detonators.

The National Anti-Terrorist Division (DNAT) and the judge in Orleans have taken command of the investigation.  

They were arrested by the Customs patrol about 100km north of Burdeos. They are in custody in Angulema.

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