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Which are the most popular Emoji used in Spain?

Published on 01/12/2015

We use them every day, at all times of day and night and in practically every single conversation we have on Whatsapp these days.

They can indicate that we’d like to go for a drink, we’re off to bed, we’re happy, sad and even shocked.

There’s no doubt that these emoji have become a fundamental part of our daily communication and a way of expressing determined actions or emotions without actually using any words.

And, they have become so important in these modern times, that the Oxford Dictionary has actually named the emoji “crying with laughter” as the word of the year for 2015.

Believe it or not, emoji were created 15 years ago, but it wasn’t until the rise in the use of smartphones and multimedia apps took over that they actually became popular.

A study carried out by Tiny Books, the company that turns Whatsapp conversations into little books, has revealed which emoji are the most popularly used in Spain and how this translates into their daily lives.

With 17.6% of the total, the emoji “blowing a kiss” is the most favourite amongst Spaniards. This is followed by the emoji “crying with laughter” and then the red heart.

In fourth place is the smiley face with hearts as eyes and then the blushing smiley face comes in in fifth.

These are all very positive and happy emoji, which is great as it reflects the personality and character of the Spanish users.

The only slightly negative emotions out of the top 15 of the most popular in this country are the one with the shocked face and hands on cheeks and the one with the bowed head showing a sad expression. These are the only two in the top 15 that don’t reflect a positive or happy attitude.

In addition, the top three emoji used all contain hearts.

As for the most popular emoji according to autonomous regions, this has brought up some curious results. For example, one of the most widely used emoji in the region of Castilla-La Mancha is that of the octopus, and the favourite in Castilla y León is that of the red hearts with Cupid arrows, which is used more in this regions than in any other in Spain. Clapping hands of applause are constant in conversation in Cataluña and the purple heart is favoured in the Valencia Region.

Do you use emoji in your conversations on a daily basis, and which of them are your favourite?


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