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The 4 best hiking routes for this spring

And Spain is a fantastic country to practise these activities too, with its huge expanses of forest land, mountains and natural parks.

If you’re a seasoned hiker or new to the sport and want to see more of what Spain has to offer other than its beautiful sandy beaches and cosmopolitan cities, take a look at our pick of the four best destinations for hiking and walking.

Ruta de la Garganta de Puerto Oscuro

This is the perfect route for beginners of all ages. It is located within the Natural Park of Alcornocales in Alcalá de los Gazules, Andalucía. It takes less than an hour to cover the route, which has a distance of 0.9km, but it is still worthwhile as the scenery is fantastic. After walking through woodland, you will come to the tranquil El Picacho lagoon, which is full of birdlife. And, to the left there’s a bread oven that you can go in and examine. A bit further on, you will come to the foot of the El Picacho mountain, which is a good 6 km climb for more experienced hikers.

Ruta de la Fortaleza

If you’re on holiday in Tenerife, it’s definitely worth visiting the National Teide Park, where you’ll be met with a unique setting, not dissimilar to what it must be like on the moon. This is a fairly easy walk although it is 13km long and takes 3 hours to cover. There’s so much to see in terms of flora and fauna, not forgetting the silhouette of the majestic Mount Teide always in the distance.

Ruta de los Cahorros, Monachil

The flow of the River Monachil has moulded the landscape of this area for hundreds of years, marking an excellent path for walkers and hikers. Care must be taken in some parts where the path really narrows, however, there are two possible routes; one for beginners (Los Cachorros) and the other for the more experienced (Los Cachorros Altos), where stunning views of the riverbed can be seen from high up. The best part of this route is the hanging bridges, which you’ll come across along the way. The longest one is 63m, so anyone who’s afraid of heights and swaying bridges needs to take care.

Ruta del Río Borosa, Sierra de Cazorla

This is actually one of the most well-known walking routes throughout the whole of the south of Spain. It is best avoided during the hot summer months and enjoyed in the spring. Along the route, you’ll follow the River Borosa, see the waterfalls, pass through tunnels and walk approximately 12km through a beautiful natural environment.

Source: www.idealista.com

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