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Home News How long do Spanish men spend in front of the mirror?

How long do Spanish men spend in front of the mirror?

Published on 02/03/2016

A survey was carried out across the globe to find out how long men in various countries needed to carry out their daily personal hygiene routine, and Spain was one of the countries that came out near the top.

On average, Spanish men spend a total of 37 minutes a week standing in front of the mirror. That could be doing their hair, applying face cream and aftershave or even just standing there admiring their look.

As well as this, Spaniards spend quite a lot of time actually getting ready (showering, shaving and getting dressed): 4 hours 20 min a week. Only the Italians (5 hours) Argentinians (4 hours 30 min) and Germans (4 hours 30 min) take longer.

Out of a total of 22 countries that were featured in the survey, Spain came out in 7th position for the amount of time that Spanish men dedicated each week to their personal care.

And that’s not really anything to be embarrassed about. In fact, for 73% of Spaniards who took part in the study carried out by GfK, feeling good about themselves was one of the main reasons for spending so much time on their appearance.

For the other countries that took part in the study, the above reason only applied to an average of 60% of men.

Spain is actually one of the only five countries in which more than 70% of men admitted that they looked after themselves in order to feel good about themselves. Spain was only exceeded by Mexico and Turkey (81%), the Czech Republic (76%) and Brazil (74%).

Spanish women also spend quite a lot of time on their personal appearance, with an average of 5.7 hours a week (men 4.2 hours), and this is also higher than most other nationalities.

Globally, women require 4.9 hours on their personal regime, while men spend an average of 3.2 hours. With Spanish men this figure is 4.2 hours, an hour longer than the global average, and only 37 minutes of this time is spent looking in the mirror.

With regards to age, the study found that as men got older, they spent longer on their personal care. This was the same for all countries.

Those at the bottom of the survey and who spent the least amount of time on their appearance included the Chinese, South Koreans and the Japanese.



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