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Home News Energy price hikes anger consumer groups

Energy price hikes anger consumer groups

Published on 02/01/2006

2 January 2006

MADRID — Consumer groups attacked sharp rises in energy prices as Spain faces the coldest period of the winter.

The Consumers Federation in Action (FACUA) criticised “important” rises in “key services” like electricity and gas.

The price hikes are a result of worldwide rises in oil prices.

Electricity will rise in January by 4.48 percent for the private sector and 5.06 percent for the industry. There will be another rise of 1.5 percent increase in July.

Some private clients face paying 1.3 centimes per Kw of energy if they exceed the 650 Kw limit.

The price rise will affect those least able to pay their bills  who already have high electricity bills, consumer groups claim.

By contrast private companies reported record incomes exceeding EUR 3 billion in the first nine months of the year.

The price for natural gas, which rose more than 10 per cent in 2005, is to go up by 4.24 percent in 2006 and industrial tariffs will increase by 10.75 percent.

This comes after a 15 percent rise imposed last October.

Bottled gas prices are to rise 10.3 percent so the 12.5 kg bottle will now cost EUR 11.24 and the price is expected to increase again later in 2006.

Public transport costs are also to rise.

Train fares will go up 6 percent for short distances and long distance tickets will go up by even more.

Metro tickets will rise by 6.03 percent for the popular 10-ride ticket, buses by 3.3 percent and toll roads by 3.5 percent.

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