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Eleven suspected Islamic terrorists on hunger strike

3 September 2007

ALICANTE – Eleven Islamist prison inmates, including two charged with participating in the 2004 Madrid train bombings, have launched a hunger strike in Spain, sources from the prison administration said Monday.

The six Moroccans, four Algerians and one Turkish national were held in three prisons in the eastern Valencia region.

The strikers included Moroccans Hassan el-Haski and Otman el- Gnaoui, who face jail terms of up to 39,000 years each for involvement in the train bombings that killed 191 people.

A total of 28 people are charged in the trial, with the verdicts expected in October.

El-Haski earlier participated in another hunger strike by 14 Madrid bombings suspects. The strike ended after less than two weeks.

Others taking part in the new hunger strike included Algerian Abdelkrim Bensmail, who is suspected of involvement in a plot to blow up Madrid’s National Court.

The strikers, who launched their protest on Saturday, said they were innocent.

Prison sources described hunger strikes as common attempts by inmates to attract attention, and said the strikers’ health would be monitored. dpa st wjh

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