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Eight ETA suspects arrested

Published on 17/06/2004

17 June 2004

BORDEAUX – Eight suspected members of the Basque separatist movement ETA were arrested early Thursday in central France, police said.

Four were arrested in the town of Limoges, three near Le Mans and one at

Security officials said the eight belonged to ETA’s “reserve network.”

ETA has been linked to the deaths of over 800 people in a 30-year struggle to establish an independent homeland straddling northern Spain and south-west France.

Speculation has been rife in Spain that the terrorist group would give-up the armed struggle after a serious of setbacks.

There have been a series of important arrests by the security services of key leaders and armed operations have proved unsuccessful.

ETA has not killed any targets in more than a year, despite threats to carry out a series of bombings at tourist areas this summer.

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