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Education key to stop domestic violence

23 April 2004

MADRID – Tougher penalties and better protection for victims will be part of a new law on domestic violence, the minister of Employment and Social Affairs announced Friday

Jesus Caldera said a report has been commissioned to look at better ways to prevent more attacks on women.

The government wants to use the education system to stop potential attacks happening in the future.

Caldera said the new law is to also offer a special order to offer more protection for women.

He said the government is to form a special body against gender-based violence.

Caldera said he hoped there would be a general consensus among Spaniards on the best way to tackle this problem.

The minister said in the past eight years, 600 women had died at the hands of their violent husbands or boyfriends.

At least one woman is said to die from domestic violence every week in Spain.

According to a report compiled by the Women’s Observatory in 2002, 700,000 women were victims of domestic violence.

Caldera said this showed the scale of the problem, which also affects men.

The report is expected to be compiled within the next few weeks.

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