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Home News Drunk driver who ‘knocked over 30’ goes on trial

Drunk driver who ‘knocked over 30’ goes on trial

Published on 13/02/2007

13 February 2007

OVIEDO — A man who allegedly ran over thirty people appeared in court on Tuesday nearly five years later.

The suspect, named only as Nino José R.N, knocked over nearly 30 people when he went on the rampage in a car in November 2002.

Jose, who was drunk at the time, drove his Chrysler PT Cruiser, through the streets of Oviedo with three other people.

After causing chaos, he was finally stopped and arrested in Gijon after a police chase.

Jose faces charges of attempted murder, causing bodily harm, ‘driving against the security of traffic’, and for an insurance offence.

Jose, who has been placed in custody as the trial judge believed he could escape, is on trial in Oviedo.

The trial continues.

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