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Drivers hit by 15pc rise in petrol this year

Published on 01/06/2004

1 June 2004

MADRID – The price of petrol has risen by up to 15 percent across Spain since the start of the year, the Economics Ministry said Tuesday.

As a result of the international increase in crude oil prices, petrol went up at the pumps by between 3.1 and 3.2 cents per litre during May, officials said.

Diesel rose by between 2 and 2.1 cents per litre during the same time.

Unleaded has risen by 15 percent since January – or 12.1 cents per litre. Super unleaded rose by 13.9 percent – 12 cents more.

Diesel has gone up by 10 percent – or 6.9 cents.

Some petrol stations are charging more than EUR 1 per litre for unleaded (EUR 1.03) and super unleaded (EUR 1.01).

This is a first in Spain, ministry sources said.

The rise in fuel prices is due to increases in crude oil on the international market and instability in the Middle East – especially in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Analysts said an increase in demand, especially in China, had also forced prices up.

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