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Drama as plane turns back

19 May 2004

MADRID – An Air Europa jet flying between Madrid and Barcelona had to turn back Wednesday after the cabin started to lose pressure.

Thirty minutes into the flight, the pilot told passengers the flight had to head back to Barajas airport in the capital, company sources told EFE news agency.

The airplane landed without problem in Madrid and the captain did not advise the authorities about the difficulties.

Normally a full emergency drill comes into operation.

Passengers were told that flight number 2003 had returned to Madrid because of “technical problems”, according to a statement from the company.

One said: “After ten or 15 minutes flying, the captain told us that we would fly back to Barajas because of a problem of pressure loss in the cabin.

“We were all quite calm but the plane flew quite low and there was a lot of noise.”

The original flight left at 9.20am but passengers were later put on another flight which left at 12.55pm.

Air Europa said the problems did not affect the safety of the plane.

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