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Documents show more terror attacks planned

Published on 07/04/2004

7 April 2004

MADRID – The Islamic terrorists who blew themselves up were preparing an imminent attack on Madrid probably during the Easter holidays, investigators revealed Wednesday.

Documents found in the wreckage of the rented flat in Leganés showed the group was planning another large-scale atrocity.

At least six terrorists died when they blew themselves up after anti-terrorist police surrounded the flat in the Madrid commuter town Saturday night.

A police officer also lost his life and three other officers were badly injured in the blast.

Sources close to the investigation told EFE news agency Wednesday that documents suggested possible targets for fresh terrorist attacks in Madrid.

The targets have not been disclosed.

There was also a large amount of cash, all in EUR 500 bills, in the flat.

Source said this indicated that the group had the financial muscle to mount more attacks.

Experts in Islamic terrorism have not discounted the possibility that though the leaders of the group which were responsible for the 11 March bombings are dead, other terrorist sleeper cells working in Spain may now planning new atrocities in order to continue the ‘yihad’ or holy war.

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