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DNA dog mess scheme ruled out

Published on 13/04/2004

13 April 2004

MADRID – Madrid council said Tuesday it will not go ahead with a project to use DNA samples of dog faeces in order to fine owners who let their pets foul the streets.

The cost and complexity of the scheme forced the council to change its mind.

The scheme, which has been used with success in other European cities like London, was one of a number of suggestions put forward to try to stop dog-owners letting their pets foul the pavements.

The DNA samples would prove a dog was responsible for fouling the pavement and the owner would be liable for a fine.

Paz González, the council’s head of environment, said the cost of implementing the scheme and the cost made it impractical.

Instead, the council has also considered using a plan for specially adapted parks in which one in 16 trees could be used by dogs to foul.

The council is to start a special department to maintain public places and fine dog owners between EUR 150 and 600 if they are caught letting their dogs foul these areas.

They are also considering raising the number of special motorbike cleaners who use brushes to clean up dog mess. 

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